Ed Isaacs ARBSA: artist & illustator

My passion is drawing and watercolours and my art is firmly based on the English topographical tradition. My home and studio is in Wolverhampton, a town I have grown to love, and from here I travel round the country and beyond looking out for scenes that capture my imagination. I was a friend of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists for a number of years and in April 2017 I was elected an Associate Member.

If you are interested in seeing my work, then follow my Facebook page, where you can be kept up to date with art fairs, exhibitions and events where I will be showing. You may want to purchase one of the works you see here or commission a piece specially. In this case, you can contact me on: isaacsed91@gmail.com

If you want to purchase a work, then there is a price list on a separate page. I am not into the e.commerce thingy yet, so what will happen is that once you have got in touch I will send you the work together with an invoice that includes postate and packing. You can then send me a cheque or BACS the amount into my bank account.

Thank you visiting this page. please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Best wishes - Ed